The U-litter

Born: 1986-02-26



Int & Nord Ch Kashmanis Lanthir Abshar

S & SF Ch Shamali Rihla Al Lail




Shamali Ulan Al Arib


Int & Nord Ch Shamali Ummi Al Dirw

S & N Ch Shamali Usur Aslan

Shamali Usra Al Bahil

Shamali Urjuwan Al Turi
Shamali Urwa Al Sadaqa
Shamali Umran Al Thawra

Comments on the litter:

Ummi was very wellbuilt and she was better mentally than her mother. We would have wished her a bit longer. Her successes in the showring came from an exterior quality of the highest magnitude. Usra was a great personality with a fine, rectangular body and wonderful movements from the side. Unfortunately she was a bit weak mentally and her paws was turned outward a bit too much. Ulan was a bit too "square" in his composition, but he died to young for us to know for sure. But we do know that he was much loved. Unfortunately another dog from this litter died young, Urwa, as loved as Ulan. She too was perhaps a bit too "square", but equipped with a tremendous psyche. Urjuwan's exterior was a copy of his father, perhaps a bit shorter. Wellbuilt but somewhat too compact. He was a nice fellow and seemed to cope with new surroundings and environments easily enough. Umran was very much alike her grandfather Wadj both in temperament and seen from the side. Through and through a good male. The best movements of all our dogs, before the A-litter, had Usur. It was like seeing an elf-horse striding forward, but he was a bit too short and had a tendency to sometimes show a slightly curved back. Lanthir together with Rihla had increased the quality of the movements, something which were their own strenght, a great success. Lanthir gave some short bodies - something we had calculated with - but on the other hand he also gave his excellent parallell movements. Rihla's weak temperament was improved in this litter, which in that light represents a step forward. She also gave her fine forechest and upper arm.