Our Salukis

At the moment Farisa, Gazila, Shamsin and Ismah lives with me in Tjalen and Lazar and Irfan lives with my daughter Elin in Vannas. But we help each other when needed, the boys come to stay with me and the bitches at times and Elin takes care of the puppies and also the bitches when I need help or to train the puppies.

Sedeki Lale-Zar (Lazar)
(Sedeki Darr-Darr + Jamileh Mara Von Indira)
Born: 1999-04-04
Lazar came to us eleven years ago (1999) after a trip to England and Don Wieden at Sedeki. He was rather careful to not expose himself to "dangers",  but since then he has become the most stable and experienced saluki male one may imagine. He now handle humans, cars and horses with the same ease. Lazar is the last Sedeki bred by Don living in Scandinavia. He has hadtwo litters, the F-litter here at Shamali and the Y-litter at Kennel Al Wathba. Lazar carries his age with dignity and astonishing lightness. He is the old and noble prince around our homes and he is greeted with joy and love by my bitches when he comes to visit or to stay for a while. Normally he lives with Elin.
Farisa is rather well-built, with a beautiful head and a good movement. Her disadvantage is her carefulness, which she never has been able to totally get rid of. Still I have always been convinced that she wouldn't carry it further to her offspring. I was proven right with her H-litter, all her progeny are stable, two even more so. Farisa was able to change her ways during motherhood and the puppies had a good mother. But the quality of her offspring was a huge disappointment and I will not use any of her sons. This is the sad part of being a breeder. At times You will not be able to see how to breed certain bitches, even if You may figure out how to use most of them. Farisa doesn't trust men, but is a kind and calm family bitch and that will be her role forever in our pack.

Shamali Farisa al Ustrura (Farisa)
(Sedeki Lale-zar + S Ch Shamali Elishama Sain bint Aqila)
Born: 2001-06-26

Ch Shamali Gazila Gabwa Bint Elishama
(Int, Fin, S & Lv Ch NW -2001 El Hamrah Rammah Sahir + S Ch Shamali Elishama Sain bint Aqila)
Born: 2004-01-31
Gazila have an extremely pleasant personality. Her attitude towards life is very laid back, as a mother she is exemplary, calm and yet playful. She is beautifully built, with very good movement, a wonderful head and a very good underjaw. Her first litter, the I-litter, will probably be her only litter, but I really wish I had time, money and space to let her have one more. Gazila is the sixth in our brood bitch line counting from the foundation bitch Zohari Zari.ba Yefa and I think she is carrying the traditions of that line with soundness and grace.
Shamsin is the happiest person alive, she is always positive and greets everybody with kisses. She loves to play and now she has got her special play-toys and playmates in the I-litter. She is graceful and very athletic. In the ring she acts like an old veteran and she is always looking forward to seeing new places and meeting new people.

Ritzas Shamsin (Shamsin)
(Shamali Fajr al Nasr + Ritzas Pantra)
Born 2008-03-01

Shamali Irfan al Udi Ibn Raadin (Irfan)
(Nord JW-07 Al-Shên Raadin Al Rafiiq + Ch Shamali Gazila Gabwa bint Elishama)
Born 2010-05-04
Irfan is a young boy (14 weeks 2010-08-10), with a wonderful temperament. He is the kindest puppy I have ever met and his head is just beautiful. He is a very calm saluki puppy and meets life in a very relaxed manner. I think that he might develop into a very nice male in a few years time.
Ismah is very affectionate and always sees to it that she gets the food that she think she needs. If she is compelled to wait for her turn she will however wait. She is really very obedient and easy to live with. Well built and interested in what life brings, she loves to play with her litter mates.

Shamali Ismah al Lail bint Gazila (Ismah)
(Nord JW-07 Al-Shên Raadin Al Rafiiq + Ch Shamali Gazila Gabwa bint Elishama)
Born 2010-05-04