Gallery 4

ummi BIS
Ummi BIS at Alvsbyn 1989 (this image was on the frontpage of "Hundsport", SKK's national monthly magazine)
skokloster 92 cert
Amir winning the CC at Skokloster -92

Tamara (Photo:K Petersson)

from scared to death
A friend attacked by savage Shamali dogs...
fajr head
Fajr, the benevolent one
fajr front
Fajr, April -07
elin and aqila
Elin, training Aqila for the Equestrian World Cup
candy in pocket
Who's got candy in her pocket?
white pants in summer
Something from lady Chatterley's lover? Or possibly a commercial for Ajax? (photo: K Petersson)
all f's
The F-litter except Faraula and Fahl. From left: Farisa, Fajr, Firaun, Farah and Fasqiya. (photo: K Petersson)
Fahl (Fakir) a couple of months later (photo: K Petersson)
qherun head
Headstudy of Ch Shamali Qherun Nizza (photo: K Petersson)
Ok, I'll do what you tell me to, a moment...maybe...perhaps... (photo: K Petersson)
fasqiya coursing
Full speed forward: Swedens top winning lure coursing saluki 2004 & 2005, SLC Ch S & N Ch Shamali Fasqiya Sadaqa doing her thing. (photo: C Dirksen)
Shamali Rakim Al Rih (photo: K Petersson)
elishama at tammsvik
Elishama at one of her three consecutive Best Bitch-placements at the world famous Skokloster summer show (photo: K Petersson)
lazar in the grass
Sedeki Lale-Zar in the evening sun (photo: K Petersson)
young fajr
Fajr, nine months old (photo: K Petersson)
fasqiya gaining a CC
Fasqiya winning a CC (photo: K Petersson)
rayyan 15 months
Rayyan, 15 months old (photo: K Petersson)
waj at the fence
Waj (photo: K Petersson)