Brood-Bitch Lines


We were looking for a bitch to use as our foundation bitch, we needed someone that could complement our Int. & Nord. Ch Ben Huri's Wadj Karmaz (Waj) and we found her in Zari. I had contacted Birgitta Nordquist during the spring 1977 and she had a bitch puppy, Zohari Zari-Ba-Yefa (Zari), that seemed to fit my description of what we wanted. Sadly enough she was already sold. Later that summer I had to go to a conference in the middle of Sweden, so I phoned Birgitta, owner of what was to be Kennel Zohari, to ask if I could come and visit her and to get a bed for the night. During that phone call I found out that Zari's first owner had sent her back. That was our fortune as she was to be our foundation bitch and the base of our brood-bitch line. Zari was a fantastic bitch, beautiful, sound and a very good mover. She produced high quality with Waj, but not with the other Ben Huri's male that we used (Int & Nord Ch Ben Huri's Yassaf El Zaran, father of the S-litter). Our whole breeding is based on the lucky combination of Waj and Zari. Waj also produced a high quality litter at Khalis kennel (the first I-liter). Zari was what I call a fawn (reddish-fawn) bitch with a black saddle, her ear-fringes were yellow-white and very big. Her temperament was very cool and she was very intelligent as many of the Zohari salukis were. This intelligence and openness to life has been carried on in the line of bitches that has followed her.

Nord Ch Zohari Zari-Ba-Yefa
(Q- and S- litters)
Azadi Zedekiah + Zohari Yemima
Born: 1977-06-10

S & SF Ch Shamali Qherun Nissa
(T- and W-litters)
Int. & Nord. Ch Ben Huri's Wadj Karmaz + Nord Ch Zohari Zari-Ba-Yefa
Born: 1980-04-03
In our first litter Qherun (Shamali Qherun Nissa) was born. Qherun was a fawn grizzle with black shadings and black fringed ears. She had the most beautiful head and expression. She produced two very good litters, but only the W-litter where she was mated with Dervisch Charmoon, a more or less unknown black grizzle brother of Int & Nord Ch Dervisch Cherazade, was to produce a bitch (Walda) that could carry on the line. The two best puppies (Tamara and Tarib) in the T-litter were not to produce anything that would continue in any way, which was a shame, but for a breeder, that is life. Qherun was well built and a good mover. She became the ruler of the kennel, second only to her father and mother. As all of the bitches of this line she was a very good and consequent mother. As the first bitch in this line born at Shamali kennel she stands out as the Shamali bitch that everything is based on and she has proven to be a stabile base.
In Qheruns second litter "the princess", Walda Al Alaq (Walda) was born. She was very small and very cute, but not someone that stood out except in her movement and temperament. She looked upon life with a smile and as usual in the line took care of her puppies with joy. She was wonderful to live with and she was the thin, but excellent, ice that took us to the next generation. When she was mated with her half-uncle Int & Nord Ch Shamali Rayyan Hilal (Rayyan) she had met her perfect match. The A-litter was our first all black grizzle litter and the type was very close to what we aimed for. In this sense Walda was a new important "stepping stone" for Shamali.

Ch Shamali Walda Al Alaq
Dervisch Charmoon + S & SF Ch Shamali Qherun Nissa
Born: 1987-04-07

Ch Shamali Aqila Bint Walda
(D- and E-litter)
Int & Nord Ch Shamali Rayyan Hilal + S Ch Walda Al Alaq
Born: 1990-02-09
She was born a queen and she ruled her pack fairly and kindly, treating humans as kindly as her own pack. Still as a foreign and defense minister she was a bit more hard and was always prepared to protect her own. Even though she possessed dignity to the end of her claws, she was a full prooven thief, no food could ever be left in the open, even for a minute. She moved well and impressed many with her soundly and strongly built body. In many respects she reminded me of a body builder and I used to call her the "Steel woman". Her first litter was of high quality and one male was used on El Hamrah kennel in Finland, SF Ch Shamali Diqhan Rashiq, who was to show up in the pedigree of the father of Shamali Gazila. Her only puppy in the second litter, Elishama, was to be a worthy bearer of the traditions of the Shamali brood-bitches.
Shamali Elishama Sain bint Aqila (Elishama) was born out of my prayers. Inger and I had already divorced and Inger got our planned brood bitch S Ch Shamali Duwaliya Talid (Duwa), our Aqila daughter. My only hope was to mate Aqila to a suitable male and hope for the best. The choice was obvious as I wanted to continue working towards my (our) goal. It had to be Int, S & N Ch NV-95 Khalils Qasr Umm Ain (Qasir). The mating took place and two months later Aqila had only one puppy, but she was a real queen, Elishama. What a puppy: A black grizzle, a bitch and she developed to be a splendid mover, with all the soundness one can wish for. She had a beautiful head and extremely stabile temperament. She well defended the Shamali colours in the ring and at home. Less protective than her mother, but still with a very clear attitude when it came to her territory and pack. Elishama had two litters, her first, the F-litter saw four out of seven become stud-dogs (Ch Shamali Fahl al Filistini (Fahl) and Shamali Fajr al Nasr (Fajr)) or brood-bitches (Shamali Farisa Al Ustura (Farisa) and Int, Est & S LC Ch, Est LCCh-08, S & N Ch Shamali Fasqiya Sadaqa (Fasqiya)). Farisa is the mother of the Shamali H-litter and her brother Fahl has one litter at Kennel Dyanitos in Finland. Fasqiya is the foundation bitch at Kennel Sadaqa and Fajr have had three litters, one at Kennel Al Wathba in Sweden, one at Kennel Ritzas in Sweden and one at Kennel Gehela's in Norway.

Ch Shamali Elishama Sain bint Aqila
(F- and G-litter)
Int, S & N Ch NV-95 Khalils Qasr Umm Ain + S Ch Shamali Aqila Bint Walda
Born: 1998-02-11

Ch Shamali Gazila Gabwa Bint Elishama
Int, Fin, S & Lv Ch NW -2001 El Hamrah Rammah Sahir + S Ch Shamali Elishama Sain bint Aqila
Born: 2004-01-31
When I started to look for a male to Elishama, I was rather pessimistic. I needed a dog that was my type but not to close to my lines. To my surprise I found a wonderful dog in Finland in Int, Fin, S & Lv Ch NW -2001 El Hamrah Rammah Sahir. I immediately thought that he would be perfect for my precious Elishama and they were mated in the end of 2003. Sadly enough there were only two puppies in the G-litter, but once again I had the margins on my side. The only bitch Ch Shamali Gazila Gabwa bint Elishama (Gazila) is a well-made, black grizzle bitch with a wonderful temperament. Even if I would have had other bitches to choose among, I would probably have chosen to keep Gazila anyway. She is a high quality bitch of the type that I see as my trademark. She is the sweetest and kindest saluki one can imagine, still with a great proportion of dignity and friendliness and always doing her best. The quality of the brood-bitch line is certainly kept in her and every day with her is a joy.